QO Amsterdam

Customer: QO Amsterdam
Place: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
De Witte Lietaer products: 
Table linen: Kalahari Napkins (Angora/Beige & White/Grey)
Bed linen: Merlin
Bath linen: Quadrate (Towels & Bathrobes)


The QO, one of the must durable hotels in Europe, is a different kind of lifestyle hotel born from a commitment to the world around us and the belief that travel should always be a pleasure.

De Witte Lietaer safeguards your night rest.

A good night's rest is essential for everybody. It is for that reason that QO Amsterdam has choosen De Witte Lietaer to provide for it's bed linen. You will sleep most comfortly with our Merlin bed linen. The Merlin is soft, smooth and most comforatble, ideal for your wellearned night's rest.

Feel relaxed in our luxury bathlinen.

Our soft Quadrate, made from waffle-terry, bathrobes and matching towels will make you feel comfortable and at home.

Dining in class.

The tables in the adjacent Persijn en Juniper & Kin will be decorated with the elegant napkins of our Kalahari range in matching colours (Beige/Angora & White/Grey).

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