Care Instructions

Recommendations for the maintenance of your linen

- Don't let stains to dry in. Dried in stains are difficult to remove. Don't iron before the stain is removed.

- Sort the laundry by colour. Wash white and coloured laundry separately. Wash deep coloured linen separately, and not together with white laundry.

- Never wash coloured textile with detergents which contain optical brighteners or chlorine bleach.

- Always pre-wash your new textiles on a low temperature, this prevents shrinking and avoids surprises by rinsing excessive dye.

- Never let wet laundry lie on each other for too long.

- Dose your detergent correctly: insufficient detergent causes calcification, which leads to drabness, faster wear, wrinkling and shrinking. Too much detergent leads to more foaming and disappointing washing results.

- Respect the liquor ratio. Overcharging of the washing drum causes extra wear and tear, insufficient charging provokes greyness and bad washing results.


Washing instruction for table linen in 100% cotton or cotton/flax for the hospitality sector


Washing instructions for table linen in 100% polyester


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