Blue Woods Hotel

Customer: Blue Woods Hotel
Place: Belgium (Deerlijk)
De Witte Lietaer products:
curtains, chain rollers, separation curtains, Dritto bed linen, hamlet bath linen.

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Curtains for all rooms

Blue Woods Hotel opened in the autumn of 2012 and is a perfect combination between a business and tourist hotel. De Witte Lietaer created curtains for all the hotel rooms.

A warm welcome with De Witte Lietaer curtains
Blue Woods Hotel welcomes its guests in a lovely lounge with De Witte Lietaer curtains to create a warm atmosphere.

A comfortable sleep with De Witte Lietaer bed linen and dim-out curtains
Making the stay as comfortable as possible, for their guests Blue Woods Hotel opted for attractive bed linen DRITTO and rooms with sufficient light shielding, thus enabling their guests to enjoy a good-night's sleep. Due attention is paid to quality curtains and confection.

Creating a discrete separation between bath & bedroom
The bathroom is nicely integrated into the hotel bedroom. Although the design of the room is quite transparent, the sleeping area and bathroom can easily be separated by simply rolling down the De Witte Lieater roller blinds.

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